D’Vaughn Marqui Bell is an American entrepreneur, author, philanthropist and business consultant.[1][2][3] He is best known as the founder of Marqui Management.[13]

Bell is the founder of companies such as Body By Bell, Global Currenciez, and Marqui Management that earn approximately a few hundred thousand in annual sales revenue.[1][12] Bell writes for publications such as Business2Community, Thrive Global, and He is also an active philanthropist, partnering with organizations in addition to starting a contest-based scholarship.[9][10][Citation Needed]

He is based in Texas.

Early life[edit] Edit

Bell was born in New Jersey to Jerry Bell Jr and Michele Thompson.[Citation Needed] His parents remained separated, and he moved to Houston, Texas. Bell started as an entrepreneur on the playground in elementary school, creating business cards, and offering advice to other children for 25 cents.[1]

In 2007, he moved to Hillsboro, Oregon and attended Hillsboro High School, where he played football, wrestling, and ran track for the Spartans.[5][4][8][11] On the football team he played both ways as a Tight-End on offense and Defensive-End on defense, winning a state championship alongside former athlete Colt Lyerla in 2009.[5][6][7]

Career[edit] Edit

At age 18, D’Vaughn Bell created a private application called Framily Jet, which he sold for $1,000 then used those funds to start and operate a personal-training business.[Citation Needed] Bell is the founder of Marqui Media Group, which specializes in consulting and social media strategies for businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.[2]

In 2015, Bell enlisted into the United State Marine Corps and continued to operate his second business part-time.[Citation Needed] The following year, in 2016, he incorporated his third company. In the same year he started a scholarship for students.[9][10][Citation Needed] 

Bell runs, which provides advice to young entrepreneurs and business owners.

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